Plastics regranulation and plastics crushing

Plastics regranulation

Processing of plastic waste into regranulate is done using modern technologies:

  • Top-quality production line EREMA INTAREMA 1007 TVE plus – the newest model from 2016 – best quality and YEj YDN-V100
  • Homogenization silo

We produce high quality regranulates for wide range of other utilization!

Our regranulates:

LDPE, LDPE/LL, HDPE, LLDPE, PP, PC and other materials

Production of crushed materials

Mechanical processing of plastic waste is done using the following devices:

  • Balkan, Natasha, Apollo crusher
  • Apollo slow-mill
  • Natasha mobile crusher

Every crusher and precrusher has its own conveyor belt, spacious manipulation areas, magnetic separators for efficient processing and at the same time they ensure strict control of crushed material.

Our crushed materials:

ABS, HDPE, PA, PP, PC, PC/ABS, PET G, PS, PMMA, POM, PBT, PPA and other materials

We offer crushing directly in customer´s premises.

Plastics purchase

ECO-F a.s. focuses on purchase of plastic waste material from industrial or municipal waste production thanks to a network of collection points within the Czech Republic. Its price depends on its type, amount, pollution or eventual sorting.

Plastics sale

Bonus services

  • Packed in big bags
  • We provide you with samples to test for FREE!
  • Or we can provide you with technical data sheet for FREE!